Is there a Zyn Shortage? Explained

Is there a Zyn Shortage? Explained


ZYN Supply Shortage?

The ZYN nicotine pouch shortage has created significant concern among users in the US. These popular pouches have become increasingly difficult to find in several states, including New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

This article explores the reasons behind the shortage, its effects on pricing, and where consumers can still purchase ZYNs.


What are ZYNs?

ZYNs are nicotine pouches that offer a smokeless, spitless way to consume nicotine. They are discreet and come in various flavours and strengths, making them a popular choice among nicotine users looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco

Why is there a zyn shortage?

Why is there a ZYN shortage?

The current ZYN shortage stems from a combination of unprecedented demand and supply chain disruptions.

Due to the popular demand for zyn pouches in 2024, it has caused Swedish match to not be able to keep up with the demand with the supply being so low.

As more consumers turn to ZYN as their nicotine product of choice, the manufacturer, Swedish Match, has struggled to keep up with the surging orders, leading to widespread stock shortages across the country​ (LSU Football - LSU Sports)​.


Why is ZYN more expensive now?

The increased demand and supply chain challenges have also led to higher prices. Manufacturers have raised prices to cope with production and distribution costs. Retailers, in turn, have had to adjust their prices to reflect these increases, making ZYN more expensive for consumers​


What is mkpodplug doing about the ZYN shortage?

Mkpodplug, a prominent distributor of ZYN products, has been proactive in addressing the shortage. We have implemented measures to limit orders to ensure fair distribution and prevent hoarding. Additionally, mkpodplug is working with Zyn distributors to expedite the restocking process.


Does the ZYN shortage have to do with the “ZYN ban”?

There has been some confusion about whether the shortage is related to a potential ban on ZYN products. While regulatory scrutiny, particularly calls for federal investigations into ZYN's marketing practices, has increased, there is currently no ban on the sale or consumption of ZYN products for legal-aged adults. The shortage is primarily due to supply chain issues rather than legislative actions​ (LSU Football - LSU Sports)​.


What about other nicotine pouches? Is there a shortage on them too?

At present, the shortage appears to be specific to ZYN pouches. Other nicotine pouch brands like Killa,Pablo, Iceberg, On!

UBBS, VELO, and Nordic Spirit, have not reported similar widespread shortages. However, given the rising demand for these products, it's possible that similar supply issues could affect other brands in the future​. (LSU Football - LSU Sports)​.


Where Can You Buy ZYNs?

Where to Buy ZYNs Online

Online retailers like mkpodplug have continued to sell ZYNs during this tough time for the nicotine pouch brand.

Buy Zyns online with mkpodplug.

Mkpodplug has a diverse range of Zyn nicotine pouches widely available.

Especially in the exclusive stock of Swedish Zyns that aren’t currently available to the US.

These exclusive Zyn flavours are:

Zyn Black Cherry Mini Dry - 3mg

Zyn Bellini Mini Dry - 3mg

Zyn Citrus Mini Dry - 3mg

Zyn Espressino Mini Dry - 3mg

Zyn Black Cherry Mini Dry - 6mg

Zyn Apple Mint Mini Dry - 6mg

Zyn Lemon Spritz Slim - 6.5mg

Zyn Cucumber Lime Slim - 6.5mg

Zyn Violet Licorice Slim - 8mg

Zyn Citrus Slim Strong - 9mg

Zyn Apple Mint Slim Strong - 9mg 

Zyn Cool Mint Mini Dry - 9mg

Zyn Cool Mint Slim Strong - 11mg

Where to Buy ZYNs in Stores?

For those preferring to buy in physical stores, major retailers like CVS and Walgreens might have stock, though availability can vary widely by location. In areas with high demand, such as major cities in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, it's advisable to check with local stores frequently as stock levels can change rapidly​ (LSU Football - LSU Sports)​.



The ZYN shortage highlights the challenges of balancing supply and demand in the fast-growing market for nicotine pouches.

While the situation has led to increased prices and limited availability, efforts by distributors and manufacturers are underway to stabilize the supply chain.

Consumers can still find ZYNs through careful planning and by exploring online at mkpodplug and local retail options.



How long is the ZYN shortage expected to last?

The duration of the shortage is uncertain, but it may persist for several months as manufacturers work to meet the increased demand​.


Are there any alternatives to ZYN that are more readily available?

Yes, other nicotine pouch brands like On!, Pablo, Killa, Iceberg, VELO, Nordic Spirt and many more, are currently more available and can serve as suitable alternatives.


What steps can consumers take to ensure they have a steady supply of ZYN?

Consumers should adhere to purchase limits, consider subscribing to Mkpodplug’s newsletters for stock updates, and explore multiple purchasing channels, including both online and in-store options​. (LSU Football - LSU

Zyn shortage


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