Recall Alert: More Nicotine Pouches Pulled from Shelves

Recall Alert: More Nicotine Pouches Pulled from Shelves


Health Canada has issued another recall on nicotine pouches due to unauthorised sales in the country. This latest recall affects XQS nicotine pouches and follows a similar recall of Zyn nicotine pouches earlier in the week. Unauthorised products pose significant health risks, prompting the health department to take swift action.


Why Are Nicotine Pouches Being Recalled?

Nicotine pouches, such as XQS’ 4-milligram and 6-milligram variants, have been flagged for unauthorized sale. This means they were not approved for sale in Canada, raising concerns about their safety and legality. The recall aims to protect consumers from potential health risks associated with these products.


Impact on Consumers

Consumers are advised to check if their nicotine pouches are part of the recall. If so, they should stop using them immediately and consult a healthcare provider for advice on quitting and managing any health concerns. The recall underscores the importance of purchasing authorised products to ensure safety and compliance with health regulations.


Manufacturer’s Response

Manufacturers like Rothmans, Benson, and Hedges have expressed their support for the recall. They are working with law enforcement to prevent the illicit trade of unauthorized nicotine products and are committed to complying with health regulations.


Health Risks of Unauthorised Nicotine Products

Unauthorized nicotine products can pose several health risks, including incorrect nicotine dosages, harmful additives, and potential contamination. These risks highlight the necessity of adhering to regulatory standards for consumer safety.


Steps to Take if You Have Recalled Products

Check Product Labels: Identify if your nicotine pouches are among those recalled.

Stop Usage: Immediately cease using the recalled products.

Consult Healthcare Providers: Seek professional advice on managing nicotine dependence and addressing any health issues.

Dispose of Products Safely: Follow local guidelines for the safe disposal of nicotine products.



The recall of unauthorized nicotine pouches like XQS and Zyn is a critical step in protecting public health. Consumers must stay informed and cautious about the products they use, ensuring they comply with safety regulations.



What brands of nicotine pouches were recalled?

XQS and Zyn nicotine pouches have been recalled due to unauthorised sales in Canada.


Why were these products recalled?

They were recalled because they were not authorised. for sale, raising safety and legality concerns.

What should I do if I have these products?

Stop using them immediately and consult a healthcare provider for further advice.

Are there health risks associated with unauthorised nicotine pouches?

Yes, unauthorised products can have incorrect dosages, harmful additives, and potential contamination, posing significant health risks.

How can I identify if my nicotine pouches are recalled?

Check the product labels for the brand and dosage information. If they match the recalled items, discontinue use.

Where can I safely dispose of recalled nicotine pouches?

Follow local guidelines for disposing of nicotine products to ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

Where can I buy Zyn and XQS nicotine pouches?

If you do not reside in Canada then you’ll be able to purchase these nicotine pouches at mkpodplug, the UK’s most trusted nicotine pouch supplier.



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