Is Snus Legal in the UK? Explained

Is Snus Legal in the UK? Explained

What is snus?

Snus is a smokeless tobacco product originating from Sweden, that is consumed by placing the pouch under the bottom or top lip.

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Similar to chewing tobacco without the need to spit.

Even though snus is extremely popular in Sweden, in the UK, snus is illegal.


Why is snus Legal in the uk? 

Snus is illegal in the uk due to the ban that falls under a wider European Union directive that prohibits the sale of oral tobacco products. Even post-Brexit, this law remains in effect.

The ban primarily aims to combat the health risks associated with tobacco use.


Legal Alternatives: Nicotine Pouches and Nicopods

Yes snus is illegal in the UK, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t any alternatives available.

Nicotine pouches or nicopods are very similar to snus but just without the tobacco.

Image of nicotine pouches:

Nicotine pouches and nicopods are legal in the UK, as they only contain nicotine, therefore allowing consumers to freely purchase products similar to snus.

Retailers like mkpodplug offer a variety of strengths and flavours catering to all types of consumers in the UK.

These products provide a discrete and convenient nicotine delivery method without the tobacco-related health risks.

Consumers, on the other hand, should stay informed about what products they are using.

While nicotine pouches might provide a similar experience to snus, knowing they are tobacco-free and legal could impact your choices significantly.




















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